Worx Hydroshot WG630E.1 pressure washer review

Our review

A highly portable and powerful pressure washer for your cleaning conveniencePros: Powerful enough to clean bikes effectivelyCons: High flow rate requires a large water source

Worx’ highly-portable Hydroshot WG630E.1 pressure washer with a rechargeable battery and a range of water-supply options is one of the most convenient bike-cleaning options around.

The lance has five spray patterns, can fan between 0 and 40 degrees, and has a low-pressure shower mode too.

There are two pressure modes – 348psi and 203psi. These are powerful enough to remove the claggiest of mud and, while I wouldn’t aim the lance directly at bearings, I haven’t found my use of the washer to compromise their longevity.

Water can be supplied via a regular hosepipe, or if you’re out and about you can attach a water bottle (2-5l). Also included is a 6m hose with a filter on the end, so you can draw water from rivers or ponds.

I did find dirty water clogged the filter, but clear pond/river water is fine. This is handy because the flow rate is high, meaning that with a regular bucket you might only manage one bike.

The 2.0Ah battery (which can be used on other Worx tools) has enough juice to easily get through four bikes, and charges in a few hours.

A shorter lance is also available, as are various kits, so you can buy the bits you need. The unit itself isn’t particularly light due to the battery, but it’s easy to store and use.


FeaturesBattery: 20V Li-ion
Pressure: 24 Bar @ High, 14 Bar @ Low
Water Flow Rate: 200L/h @ High, 160L/h @ Low
Hose: 6m
Weight: 2.4 kg

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